If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
Call our Helpline on 0808 801 0688


Why volunteer for us?

At the Anne Robson Trust we believe that no one deserves to die alone – and volunteers are a vital part of our work.

By joining the amazing volunteers who help us and our hospital partners, you’ll help make sure that people who are dying and their families are offered the company and comfort of another human being as they or their loved one dies.

But there are benefits for you too.

You’ll learn new skills and find fulfilment by being engaged in such meaningful activity.

And you’ll be part of a friendly team at the heart of your community, giving you the opportunity to meet new people.

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How to become a Butterfly Volunteer

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I enjoy my role as a Butterfly Volunteer because it has enabled me to give something back to this wonderful hospital I work in, in the form of comfort and compassion – not only to patients but also to their families.

No-one should have to die alone and to be with someone in their final hours of life, who would otherwise have been alone, for me is an absolute privilege

Butterfly Volunteer, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Harlow