Who we are and our Mission

Who we are


  • We are a small but rapidly growing charity with BIG ambitions.
  • We work in partnership with NHS Hospitals to help them set up and embed teams of Butterfly Volunteers. These volunteers give their time to hospital patients who are in the last days and hours of their life. Many of these patients have no other visitors at all.
  • We work closely with Palliative Care and Voluntary Services teams to overcome hurdles – by sharing our expertise, experience and understanding of the challenges of starting something new within the NHS. Why re-invent the wheel?
  • With the passion of personal experience behind us we are working hard to expand our work across the UK.


Butterfly Volunteers have the most precious of commodities – TIME

  • TIME to sit quietly by a patients bedside to make sure they know they are valued and not alone in their final days and hours
  • TIME to talk about memories, and hear life stories
  • TIME to hold a patients hand, and reassure them that they are loved
  • TIME to support family members who may be struggling to come to terms with the imminent death of their loved one
  • TIME to make much needed cups of tea
  • TIME to give loved ones a break from the bedside vigil
  • TIME to make sure everyone knows about services provided by the hospital to families of patients in the last days of life

Recommended Reading List

With the End in Mind by Dr Kathryn Mannix

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

Dear Life by Dr Rachel Clarke
Your Life in My Hands by Dr Rachel Clarke