If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
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Time To Talk

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When a person becomes seriously ill, we so often hear their family regretting not talking to them sooner about what they want at the end of their life.

But lots of things can make this hard to do, from worrying that talking about death will make it happen to simply not knowing how to start the conversation.

We hope our Time to Talk materials will help to manage some of the anxiety around these often difficult conversations and help give some clarity with regards to what you and your loved ones might want to discuss.

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It’s so important to have these conversations now, don’t put them off. Having them in a crisis is never good. If you have had a conversation revisit it in these unique and challenging times.

Do it now and put your plans away in a box, then they are there if and when you need them

Claire Henry, MBE - Patron of The Anne Robson Trust