If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
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Time To Talk Workshops

Time to Talk Workshops

The aim of the Time to Talk workshop is to give people the confidence to have conversations about the end of life, last wishes and what might happen if you became ill.

Next Workshop Dates

30 March 2021  – 10am to 1pm

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Workshops are free, please consider making a donation.

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About The Workshops

We aim to tailor each workshop to the needs of the participants, but we generally explore:

  • What does the term end of life actually mean?
  • How to look after yourself as you support someone as they die
  • How to talk to someone whose loved one is dying or who has been bereaved
  • The small things we can do to help create a nurturing environment for everyone involved

What Attendees Tell Us

People who have attended our workshops tell us that hearing the experiences and perspectives of other participants was one of the things they found most useful.

We aim to make everyone feel comfortable joining in the group conversations, so that we can listen and learn from each other’s experiences.

By taking part, we hope you will feel better equipped to cope when faced with end of life situations, and have fewer regrets.

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Thank you for delivering your fantastic workshop. It’s so important to start the conversation about death and dying. It is possible to have a good death and so important for loved ones.

When my mother died recently, I remembered what I had learnt at your workshop about making the dying person more comfortable. I had the confidence to take in her favourite scent and played her favourite music, filling the hospital room with comfort and love

Workshop attendee, Leeds

Introducing the
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Please Consider a Donation

Our staff were a bit apprehensive about a workshop talking about death and dying. But afterwards they couldn’t praise it enough and felt privileged to be part of such a powerful and informative experience.

It has helped us enhance the way we support people nearing the end of their life, equipping staff to advise and empower family/friends of the dying person to make their wishes heard and, where possible, fulfilled.

I would recommend all health professionals experience the Time to Talk workshop.

Workshop attendee, Crossroads Care