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The impact of ART on Specialist Palliative Care Team at PAH

Gill Hutchinson started working with the Specialist Palliative Care and End of Life team at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in May 2018 as Macmillan Clinical lead.

We asked her to let us know how she finds working in a hospital with a group of specialist volunteers on hand to support her team… This is what she said…

“Having walked around the wards and observed the role of the ART Butterfly volunteers, I am so impressed by the compassion demonstrated to both patients and families. Staff on these busy wards often feel guilty at not being able to sit for long periods of time with their patients and they too can see difference that the volunteers make.

Seeing a “purple polo shirt “ with the Anne Robson Trust logo seems to lift everyone’s spirits knowing that patients and families are being given that extra support.

The Specialist Palliative Care team are grateful to these volunteers who give up their time, supporting patients in the last stages of their life. The model is inspiring and other hospitals would benefit from this voluntary service. Thank you to everyone involved in the Charity.”

Thank you Gill – your support for our work is very much appreciated.

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