If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
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Hospital Volunteers

I enjoy my role as a Butterfly Volunteer because it has enabled me to give something back to this wonderful hospital I work in, in the form of comfort and compassion – not only to patients but also to their families.

No-one should have to die alone and to be with someone in their final hours of life, who would otherwise have been alone, for me is an absolute privilege.

Butterfly Volunteer, Princess Alexandra Hospital

I was so touched by how gently the Butterfly Volunteer spoke to my husband. She was calm and caring and had time for him, offering to take over reading to him.

I was very tired and appreciated some time out, knowing he was being looked after.

Patient’s relative, Essex

I found the Butterfly Volunteers training day really useful, interesting and well organised. By the end of the day I felt more prepared for the challenges I may face as a volunteer and the difficult questions that may be asked.

There were useful practical tips too – I wouldn’t have thought to bring soft shoes to wear on the ward. I came away feeling that I will be well supported in this important work.

Butterfly Volunteer, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Hospital Partners

Butterfly Volunteers give my role as Chief Nurse greater meaning, purpose and resolve. End of life patients and their families need time, which Butterfly Volunteers have. The Anne Robson Trust provides a core service to compliment an already over-stretched NHS

Prof. Nancy Fontaine, Chief Nurse, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We recently had an end of life patient whose family were too distant and elderly to visit. When the lady died, her family were worried that she’d been alone. Being able to tell them that a Butterfly Volunteer had been there with her was a huge comfort to the family

Ward Manager, Princess Alexandra Hospital

I am an only child, and my Mum was an only child, so there were not many of us around to support her when she was in hospital.

To come in every day and read that Butterfly Volunteers had been sitting with her, their names and how long they spent with her, meant the world to my Dad and me. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for the support they gave us.

Patient’s relative, Essex