If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
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Julia Holding

Julia started her career as a nurse, then practiced as a midwife and a health visitor before taking on a variety of leadership roles.

She led patient experience, patient and public involvement and volunteering nationally for seven years, and during this time led the co-design of improvement tools which are currently used in over 160 trusts, and internationally.

Julia has worked with over 60 Trusts to support them to develop patient and staff centric approaches to improvement, and she has a special interest in supporting improvement in care for patients and their families at the end of their lives. 

She is a recipient of a Chief Nurses Gold award for lifetime contribution.

Why did I want to join ART as a Trustee?
As a nurse I have always been aware of how important it is to really be there for people towards the end of their lives. 

Later in my career I learned more about the time and compassion volunteers can bring to enhance this experience. This is difficult work, and it is important that those embarking on these roles have training and support, this is what ART does so well. 

I was really happy to be invited onto the board to have an opportunity to support this.

Julia Holding