If you need help now,or someone close to you is facing the end of life, we are here for you.  we are here for you.
Call our Helpline on 0808 801 0688

Helpline Volunteers

Become an Anne Robson Trust Helpline volunteer

Do you want to help make a big difference? Like you, we care about the world and the community that we live in.

We know that providing support to people who are dying, and those close to them, is vital. You can read more about why our Helpline is needed here.

During these difficult times, we need your help more than ever. Stay informed by signing up to our newsletter here.

We value your engagement and desire to help, and we understand that this is a challenging role.

Our team has extensive experience managing and caring for volunteers.

We do our utmost to create a team spirit, to support each volunteer individually, and to make the most of their skills, by providing a comprehensive, interesting and interactive training programme.

We have provided answers to some common questions below:

Answering your questions

You’ll work in your own home for set periods of time, answering phone calls from people who are in the last months, weeks or days of life, or from their close friends or family members.

It’s a time when people often feel frightened, lonely and isolated, and the listening and emotional support you’ll provide will make a huge difference.

We’re looking for people who are warm, empathetic and good listeners.

You’ll need to be reliable, resilient and have a desire to help others. You’ll also need to be comfortable talking about death and dying.

Due to the nature of the calls we receive and our commitment to volunteer wellbeing, we are unable to accept applications from those who have been bereaved in the past two years.

You don’t need any specific experience or any previous training for this role, and we welcome applications from a wide range of people, spanning all backgrounds and ages.

During our five-week induction training programme, volunteers will need to be able to commit to one 3-hour training session each week.

Once your training is completed, you’ll need to be able to commit to at least one 3-hour telephone support shift per week, plus a monthly supervision session.

Our volunteers will not incur any costs. You’ll need:

  • access to either a landline or mobile phone
  • a PC or tablet to access our telephone and volunteer management systems, plus internet access
  • a quiet space in your home to receive calls in a confidential manner

Every volunteer will get full training to make sure you feel fully prepared for the kinds of calls you’ll receive. Our skills-based helpline training course will be delivered over five training sessions, which will equip you with the confidence and skills to provide telephone support.

Each session will last for 3 hours and will be delivered to small groups of volunteers, remotely via Zoom.

We place great importance on continuous personal development, so you’ll receive further refresher training and yearly safeguarding training as part of our programme.

You’ll also be given full training and practice sessions on the telephone system that we use.

The wellbeing of our volunteers is at the heart of everything we do – we will support you every step of the way.

You’ll receive support after each shift and be required to attend monthly group supervision which offers you a reflective space to develop self-awareness and have the chance to discuss how you are developing in your role.

We run periodic recruitment drives which we announce through our newsletter and on our website.

You can also register your interest now  and we’ll advise you when we’re next recruiting.