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6 Months and Counting

Since starting work at The Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow in mid January 2018 – exactly 6 months ago this week – our fantastic team of ART Butterfly Volunteers have provided:

– 607 individual visits – to 247 patients who are nearing the end of their life
– That averages out at 23 visits per week, to just under 10 patients
– AND they have spent 355 hours by the bedside – which is nearly two hours per patient on average

These visits make such a difference to everyone involved – the patient, who may not have any family or loved ones to sit with them, and may be feeling lonely, frightened and isolated. The patients husband or wife, daughter or son – who may be sitting with them day in day out, not wanting to leave the bedside and leave their loved one alone… And importantly to ward staff – who find it so helpful having a dedicated team of trained ART Butterfly Volunteers to call upon when one of their patients is dying. The volunteers themselves tell us that they gain so much from their role – often leaving the hospital feeling that they have made a positive difference to the people that they have supported.

As you may already know our work is entirely funded by voluntary donations. We are fundraising to enable us to roll out this simple, effective and much needed scheme to other acute hospitals in the South East… and beyond.

Its easy to donate – just click here and follow the simple instructions…

Help us make sure that NO ONE DIES ALONE.

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